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An injury turned into our product inspiration.


We are Megan & Mike Ross – the founders of GooseEgged LLC – and parents of 3 very active children.  If your house is anything like ours, injuries are inevitable.  In early 2018, an injury turned into our product inspiration when we realized there had to be a better solution for bumps, bruises, and temperatures.  

Our son took a bad fall and came running with a giant goose-egg bump on his forehead.  We tried everything – an ice pack in the shape of an animal, a plastic bag full of ice, even a bag of frozen peas – and there was no good solution!  The current solutions were not effective, too cold, or just not comfortable.  We knew there had to be a better solution.

After months of research, prototypes, and testing – GooseEgged was launched!

GooseEgged is truly better than a bag of frozen peas.  GooseEgged offers designs kids want to wear.  With adjustable straps enabling a hands free experience and soft insides providing comfortable cool relief, the only struggle will be getting your child to take it off.

GooseEgged is a win for both parents and children.  Put your mind at ease knowing that your child is getting the necessary care and relief while continuing to be free to play as they choose!

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